Eco Update

wombles 2
Take a look at the Eco Page for an update on our Zero Waste Scotland Project and the Orchard Project.

We are taking part in the Zero Waste Scotland Project and as part of the litter education message, Jessica, our Litter Education Officer has funding to send some P1’s and P2’s to see the Wombles film at the Bo’ness Hippodrome on 2nd Feb.

As it’s a Saturday, free transport to and from the film will be provided for Carmuirs and St Bernadette’s (Fitzcharles Bus Company).

There will be a fun opening activity and hopefully a press opportunity from the Falkirk Herald. The story will also run in Education Matters and the Falkirk Council News.

There are 15 pairs of tickets available. Each pupil must be accompanied by an adult. We will put all ticket requests in a raffle and communicate to the lucky pupils on 25th January.

Tickets are also available for purchase at the door on the day.

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