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I plan to add pages for parents and children so please keep having a look.

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 Cathy Quinn

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  1. Moving into catchment area in 4 weeks today. oldest daughter in p.5 and youngest p.1. Is there any space for them to enroll? thanks

  2. sorry If Ive posted in wrong thread, however, my grandaughter is currently in p3 at Carronshore primary and has moved house to Antonhill and St Bernadettes is very close to her house , due to illness her mum is no longer able to drive her to & from school, would she be able to register her with the new school? and if so please advise on procedure, many thanks (gran)

    • Hello, nice to hear from you. There will be no problems enrolling your granddaughter in St Bernadette’s. Her Mum will need to complete a placing request since she is moving to the denominational sector. You can collect one of these from Carronshore Primary. Just complete this as soon as possible and send it to:
      Jennifer Anderson
      Sealock House
      2 Inchyra Road
      FK3 9XB


      Cathy Quinn

  3. Hello I am going to be in the same class as my little brother Conor. He will be in primary 3 and I will be in primary 4. i am looking forward to the new school

    • Hello Charlotte – Nice to hear from you. I will come and meet you and Connor soon. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on getting the blog up and running!
    I have a question regarding the Primary 1/2 class of 9 P1 and 14 P2.
    What is the criteria for choosing the nine P1? Are these children selected depending on their date of birth?
    My own son is a March Birthday and currently one of the oldest in Primary one and will be one of the oldest going into Primary two. I do have some concerns regarding this.
    Will there be auxilliary support for this class?
    Do you know yet if you will have access to a support for learning teacher?
    Thank you
    Frances Burke

    • Hello Frances
      The criteria normally used for this purpose is date of birth. I wouldn’t be concerned about this as the children settle very well with their new classmates.
      There will be support for learning assistants (auxillary) who will support classteachers and we will have a support for Learning Teacher although at this stage I don’t know the number of days she/he will be in the school.


  5. Hi my name is Millie. I will be in p5. I was wondering what is Going to be on the lunch menu. I would happily give sugestions if needed.

    • Hello Millie,
      Congratulations you are the first pupil to make a comment on the blog!
      We will have a lovely new kitchen which will use the ‘Hungry for Success’ menu that is used throughout the authority. Once the school is opened you will have the chance to comment on the lunches.
      I look forward to meeting you soon:)

  6. Hello Stuart,
    The department that organise this are currently looking at routes etc. As soon as I have any information about this I will post details.


  7. Hi
    Was wondering what the process will be for finding out about buses to/from school? Will First Bus contact us or do we need to get in touch with them?


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