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I have spoken to Rhona McDonald from ‘First for Kids’ who currently provides the after-school care at St Francis Xavier’s. She has confirmed that, in the first instance, children would be collected from St Bernadette’s and would be taken to Stenhousemuir Primary. 

When the school population begins to grow we may, in the future, discuss the possibilityof having this provision within the school.

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  1. The fact that you may not be offering after school provision will be having an impact on parents placing their children at St Bernadettes. As many parents, nowadays are working full time and rely heavily on this service.

    My understanding from the meeting was that the school would be lower in numbers in the first year, but this is not a reason to pull provisions for after school care for pupils during 2012-13.

    As my note would suggest I am heavy reliant on after school care and look forward to an update soon.

    • Hello Mark,

      I have put another post on the home page to try to clarify how the after-school provision works in Falkirk.
      I want to reassure you that I will do my very best to get this set up in the school but the number have to be financial viable for these provisions; they run as private businesses. There will be after-school care in year one. The worst case scenario is that in year one the children would be collected by ‘First for Kids’ and taken to the nearest provision.

      Please feel free to give me a call at Sealock House if you would like to discuss this further.


  2. Leave this with me for now. Once I have a better idea of numbers I will explore this further and get back to you.
    The authority are not setting up any new breakfast clubs but the partners who manage the after-school care could provide before-school care but again it would depend on the number using the service. It has to be financially viable for them.

  3. i am happy for children to be collected at St Bernadettes and taken to Stenhousemuir Primary School or Kinnaird. I think it makes sense for children to stay in their local area where their families live and this makes pick up easier for parents too.
    I am currently using the GX Out of School Club at Carrongrange. I can highly recommend them and they have assured me they will be picking up from St Bernadettes. They also do a breakfast club.
    I probably won’t need afterschool care at St Bernadettes for another two years when my daughter attends also.

  4. Agree with Angela. If pupils were to be bused probably would be better to go to St francis as they are more familiar with the school. We would only need after school on a Friday and on occasion for other days. Would there be a breakfast club too?

  5. Agree with Angela on going to St francis. Would probably be more familiar for the pupils.

  6. Hi


    If we need to go the transport way I would prefer it if they could go to St Francis rather than Stenhousemuir as they already know the other children and staff at St Francis.


  7. Oh no! Disappointing news! Is there anyway that we can see how many people would be using it before a decision is made? Or can we try another company? Kinnaird don’t use First for Kids.

    • Hi Angela,

      I have just been talking to someone about this. If the number are viable then we can ask all of the providers to consider providing the provision in St Bernadette’s. I really need to get the numbers involved so that I can explore this further. Don’t worry there have not been any firm decisions made yet. I am exploring all options.

  8. Oh no! Disappointing! Is there any way that we can see how many children would use an after school club before the decision is made? Maybe there would be enough children now? Kinnaird had one right from the start and they use another company – not first 4 kids. Could we approach someone else?

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