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I contacted Rhoana MacDonald at ‘First for Kids’ again today.  She told me that they would need a minimum of 10 children each night in order to set up a provision in St Bernadette’s. 

She has assured me that, if they don’t have enough numbers in year one, then the children would be collected and walked to Stenhousemuir Primary.  This is under a mile and a very safe route to walk.

Meantime she has agreed to survey all prospective St Bernadette’s parents so that she has some numbers to work with.

I will arrange another meeting before Easter so that I can give you an update on this and any other issues.

Cathy Quinn

5 thoughts on “After-school Care

  1. If anyone who would like to attend out of school care, in the school at St. Bernadettes, could register their interest to First 4 kids then we will get there quicker.

    • Hi Rhona

      I heard that you are now providing after-school care in St Bernadette’s rather than walking the kids to Stenhousemuir PS. Is this the case for all days of the week or just some? My son currently goes to the GX on Tuesday and Wednesday, however, if you were providing care in St Bernadette’s then I might swap his care over to you. Also, do you accept childcare vouchers?

    • Hi Roisin,

      There is currently no after-school care being provided in St Bernadette’s and all children are being walked to Stenhousemuir PS. You can contact Rhona on 01324 671344 should you need any further information.

      John Cloherty

  2. I just wanted to let you know I am having trouble downloading forms for afterschoolcare and bus forms.

    Can i inform you that Matthew will be arriving by bus service 601 and going home on bus 601 except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the GX Out Of School Club will collect him. I have spoken to them and they should be in contact with you.
    There are several children from the school that will be going to GX and being picked up.
    If you need a paper copy of this information i can come in on friday to fill in a form – or if you need more information please let me know.
    Matthew Burke Primary 2 Miss Rooney
    Matthew and Louise are very excited about their new school!

    • Hi Frances,
      I have checked this again and it is working at my end. Try right-clicking on the underlined link and save it to you computer.
      Let me know if you have any luck.

      Cathy X

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