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Latest service update for Friday, October 19th

Dear member,

Bug Club and Abacus: The Zone sites continue to perform well but we’ve also been able to make some more improvements in the last 24 hours. Access to the School Admin page in particular should be much speedier today!

As before, we feel it’s no longer necessary for you to warn parents and children of slow performance in the evenings and after school.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our members who’ve contacted us with feedback over the last few days, it really will help us make Bug Club and The Zone even better in the future.

Of course we’re still monitoring performance closely and will continue to send daily updates until we’re confident that full service is restored. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and patience.

With very best wishes,
Pearson Digital Support




Latest service update for Tuesday, October 16th

Dear member,I am very pleased to tell you that the dedicated Bug Club and Abacus: The Zone technology team made significant progress in improving the speed of the site yesterday, and indeed we saw that the site performed better after school on Monday (15th October).

Today you should experience quicker logging in and navigation through the site– even during the peak hours of before school, lunchtime and after school. However, the technology team are continuing to investigate what further improvements can be made. We will continue to send you a progress update each day until we are completely confident that full service has been restored.

For those of you who have taken the time to call us, thank you so much for your feedback and continued support. We understand that the slow service during peak times has in many cases disrupted teaching and learning – it is our biggest priority to restore full service as soon as possible.

With very best wishes,

Pearson Digital Support




Update 12th October 2012

Dear customer,

Firstly, thank you for your patience this week while the Bug Club and Abacus: The Zone team have been working to improve the performance of the site. Yesterday the team focused on the login stage as we know that many of you are currently finding that logging in can take up to several minutes. We will continue to look at this today. We are also working to improve the speed of the allocating process as a priority.

Today you may find the service slow during peak times, so please do continue to inform children and parents that they may experience disruption if they login after school. However, over the weekend the performance should be much better as we won’t have as many people using the site at the same time. On Monday (15th October) will we be in touch again with a further update.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and patience. For those of you, who have been in touch with our Digital Support team, we really appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Please know that we have a dedicated team working all hours to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Pearson Digital Support


Update from Pearson 11th October 2012

Dear member,

We are making progress in improving the performance of the Bug Club/Abacus: The Zone site. On Wednesday (10th October) we were able to improve the speed of the search function on the ‘Home’ tab.

Although the login process will still be slow during peak times, once you get past this stage you should see an improvement when searching for eBooks for Bug Club or maths games for The Zone.

However, for children and parents logging in after school, the site will continue to be slow today. Please do let children and parents at your school know that we are continuing to work to resolve the remaining speed issues as quickly as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this slow service during peak times is causing. We will be in touch again tomorrow to update you again on our progress.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Kind regards,

Pearson Digital Support


We have our very own technical support worker at Bug Club.  I have e-mailed her asking about compatability for Apple computers.  She is currently investigating any future plans the company have to take this forward.  I will keep you updated.  Many thanks for all the advice and tips you have been posting.  If you come across any other great ideas please let me know and I will post them here.  John Cloherty

Update on using Bug Club on Apple Competers (thanks to Mandy O’Donnell for this information)

Hi, Just adding to the Bug Club technical update. I’ve also tried iSwifter and Rover on the iPad. The site runs more slowly and the image is lower quality mainly because the Flash content has to go throught a third party server to be translated before it is sent back to the page on your tablet. I’m trying Puffin at the moment which, for me, seems to be more stable and has less of a delay than the other two. Time will tell!

PS Apple computers do run Flash. Bug Club uses Flash Player 11.4, this runs on Macs post-2006 (with Intel processors), however pre-2006 Macs (PowerPC processors) only support Flash 10.1.

PPS my kids love using Bug Club and want to go on all the time!

Please see the e-mail below from Pearson (Publishers of Bug Club)

Dear member,

We are sorry that the Bug Club and Abacus: The Zone websites are continuing to run slowly today, especially during peak times (4-8pm).

On Monday (8th October) we made further updates to improve the service. However, the site is still not performing as quickly as we’d like.

We are continuing to work to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. We will be in touch again tomorrow to update you on our progress. In the meantime we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Kind regards,

Pearson Digital Support


Update from Pearson (Publishers of Bug Club)

 Dear The Zone / Bug Club member

We’re aware that you or your pupils might have experienced some problems while using Bug Club or Abacus: The Zone websites last week, especially at peak times (between 4-8pm) when your pupils are trying to do their homework.

These problems might have included not being able to log in, books or games loading slowly, or seeing messages such as “Technical Problem” or “HTTP fault”.

We’ve already made several updates to try to improve the service, and more improvements are in development right now. We are working hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible, and will send you daily progress updates until full service is restored.

Please accept our apology if this has caused any disruption to teaching and learning at your school.

Kind regards,

Pearson Digital Support


Bug Club – Solutions (UPDATED)

A few parents have had problems accessing Bug Club online.  I thought I would share some of the solutions here in case you were having similar problems.  Thanks to Peter Duncan for all of his help.

1.  Many people have been having trouble accessing Bug Club on Apple computers e.g. Ipads.  Bug Club requires flash but Apple computers do not support flash.  The apps to view flash on the iPad are photon flash player or iswifter browser. We have iswifter and it cost £2.99 but works fine once you get the hang of it (thanks to Sarah for this information).

2.  Some people have found that Bug Club has been running slow.  Google Crome or Firefox has been suggested as the best web browsers to use.

Comment from Debbie O’Donell.  Thanks for this, Debbie. 

Just purchased the iswifter app so that the kids can use bug club on the iPad and just wanted to say that it seems to work fine. Gives you the option to download it for free which gives you 10 mins play every day. I done this first just to make sure that it worked and I’m pleased to say that it does so I paid the £2.99 to download it. Even seems to load quicker than it did on the laptop. Thanks very much.


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