Improving Our Website

To All Parents, Staff and Pupils,

Hi! We are the Website team working with Mr Cloherty and Mrs Heeps to design a brand new school website and blog. We want to find out what you think of our current blog to help us make it better.

We are looking for as many parents, staff and pupils as possible to give us;

2 stars (two things that you really like about the website as it currently is).


1 wish (one thing you would like to see added or changed on the website).

Please use the comment box below to leave this feedback. It would be useful to get some opinions on the following:

Information given
Navigation around the site (is it easy to find things?).
Is there anything missing?
Is it user friendly? etc.

We will be talking about your ideas at our next meeting and passing them onto Ed who is from Primary Technologies and is designing our new look website.

Thank you.

The Website Team 🙂

13 thoughts on “Improving Our Website

  1. * I really like the tartan background and all the nice pictures.
    * I think all the teachers have really made the blog amazing because the have showed of all our work in class.
    wish- I think that we could delete all the old writing because it is making people not read the things on the blog due to so much writing.

    Francesca 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Francesca.

      Mr Cloherty 🙂

  2. Two stars
    * Love the new class blogs, and the kids look loving at their class pictures and telling me what is happeneing.
    * The blog is really up to date, with all the latest news
    1 wish
    * Would be good to have a contacts page with phone numbers of school and nursery (and any other useful contacts), and school address for anyone who needs them.

    • Thank you for your feedback – I think the contacts page is a great idea. The website team will be looking at all the ideas over the next couple of weeks and working with our web designer to include them on our new website. 🙂

      John Cloherty

  3. Our first star is we like the links. Our second star is we like the pictures. Our wish is to put in more pictures!:]

  4. We like the picture of the school and the fact you can go onto Bug Club on the website. We would change the amount of writing and put in more pictures.

  5. I liked the tartan on the background.
    I liked the pictures of the school.

    We would like to see a lot of the old reading to be taken away.

  6. The blog is up to date and informatiive.
    It is easy to use.
    It is great that each class now have a blog!
    My wish would be for some of the out of date posts/information to be deleted.

  7. I really like the way the website is but maybe we could have pupil blogs so that people can see what a particular person is learning.

  8. *I really like how it is always up to date and it is really colourful
    *I really like the set out of it and it is a good idea that every class gets their own blog
    Wish- I would like some more pictures of the school now so when I go to high school I can go on the blog and see what has changed and what is new.

    I really like the blog 🙂

  9. Well I have many stars about this website !! My first star is the websites so up to date it’s amazing ! I also like the class pages and my only wish is that it carries on ! 🙂

  10. * I really like the way the website is always so up to date and informative
    * I like the new class pages
    Wish – be good to hear more pupil views – perhaps classes could take turns to publish their favourite learning experiences on a regular basis?

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