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Logo Competition  26.4.12

Congratulation to the finalists in the logo competition.  The winning logo was designed by:

Ellie O’Donnell 

Ellie is currently a P6 pupil in St Francis Xavier and will be a  P7 pupil in St Bernadette’s.  Well done Ellie this is a great achievement!

Ellie will receive a £50 gift voucher and a framed picture of her winning design.  All of the other finalists will receive a £20 gift voucher.  I have now added the names to the designs displayed below.


The poll is now closed.  The winning Logo is design two closely followed by design five.  I will publish the names of the four finalists and the winner tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and to all who voted.

Here are the finalists in our school logo competition.  We have two primary finalists and three secondary finalists.  The finalist were chosen by Nigel Fletcher (Head of Education Support and Improvement) and Anne Pearson (Curriculum Support manager).  All of the finalists will receive a prize.  I have not added the names at this stage so that people are voting for the best design. The colours in the designs may have to be changed so that it will stand out on the black school jumper.  Please leave a comment when you vote.

Vote now!


Molly Rodden Primary 4: St Francis Xavier



The judges thought this was a very simple but powerful image.

Ellie O’Donnell

P4 St Francis Xavier Primary

The judges thought this was a striking image.  They suggested that the school’s name could be added.


Caitlin MacInnes

S3: St Mungo’s High School

The judges thought this combined images of St Benadette but also symbolised  love, teaching and growth.


Chellsi Thomson

S3 St Mungo’s High School

The judges thought this design incorporated the images of St Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes.


Jenna Callaghan

St Mungo’s High School

The judges thought that this design was a more modern interpretation of the images we associate with the story of St Bernadette.

19 thoughts on “Logo/School Badge

  1. Hi, just like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. I’m delighted that I won, once again thanks 🙂

  2. i’m vey happy for ellie cos currently she is in my class but i am going to miss her very much along with Erin McGuirk and Phoebe Angus
    lots of love from
    lucy smith bff for erin

  3. hi…..i cant wait to move to st bernadettes and the badge looks great and i cant wait to see it on the doors…it will look great…….well done ellie

    • It look great on the doors – won’t be long now 🙂

  4. hi the badge look great and i cant belive that one of my best friends desgined it i am so happy for her

  5. From one very proud mum, I’d like to say how fab I think Ellie’s logo looks now that its been transformed to the official one and I’d like to thank everyone who voted for her design. She is so delighted that hers was chosen as all of the finalists were really brilliant. She is desperate to see what it looks like on the school jumpers and polo shirts. Thanks again.

    Debbie O’Donnell

    • Hi Debbie,
      You must be very proud – what an achievement for Ellie! The company will send me a sample; I will take it into St Francis to let her see it. I thought I would wait to present her prize when Cardinal O’Brian comes to officially open the school. I will get the £50 voucher to her before that but keep the framed design until then.



  6. I love the new logo. I would be concerned that it will be difficult to embroider because of the fine detail

    • Hi Janet,
      I checked that with them; they said it will be fine. Apparently it is a machine that can reproduce copy any design. They will send a sample to me for approval.


    • Hi Nick,
      I checked that with them; they said it will be fine. Apparently it is a machine that can reproduce any design. They will send a sample to me for approval.


  7. I also cannot vote. I love the first logo it is simple and effective and portrays a primary school beautifully.

    • Hi Emma,
      The poll closed on Wednesday. The winning design was design 2.



  8. please can you allow me to vote from this comment as i too cant vote as apparently already done so, which i haven’t. Design 2 please.

    all very good though. thanks

  9. i have also tried voting for design 2 and had the same respone that i already voted. please can you make my comment count as my vote.

    Good luck to all designs though as very good.

  10. Ticks all the boxes. Simple and to the point, with
    an essential school logo well defined

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