Minutes of Eco Committee

We enjoyed the bird watch and wanted to make some bird art. We didn’t see owls as they are nocturnal so we decided to make some ourselves with paint, feathers and google eyes. They are so smart. We put them around the Big Bird Watch display graphs on the Eco Wall to catch everyones eye so that they would look at our graphs.

We took part in the Big Schools’ Bird Watch. The nursery completed the Little Schools’ Bird Watch. They also did some bird watching in the forest. We saw a lot of birds but only three different kinds. We want to add bird boxes and tables to the school grounds to encourage more variety and we hope our orchard will help too.

Margaret Millar worked with each class today. We learned amore about the orchard, food miles and our carbon footprint.We also made some apple art.

We invited Margaret Millar in to talk to us about our 3 Eco topics and how we can link them together with the orchard and biodiversity.

We looked over our Environmental review and made a final action plan.

All classes and the nursery took turns to work with Margaret Millar and plant their very own tree. It looks great but we have lots of work to do to look after it.

We wanted to plant our orchard today but it was snowing!
We sent away our article to New Leaf News along with some photos. It is a good article and we really hope it gets printed.
We also sent some photos of us recycling, monitoring and measuring to Zero Waste Scotland.

Mr Cloherty had a visit from Jane, an
Outdoor Learning Development Officer. Mrs Cully joined them and they had a look at possible different ways to use our playground. The School Grounds Multi-Stage group are looking at this too. Mr Cloherty took Jane to see a piece of forest nearby. He wanted to know if anyone owned it and if we could use it safely. The nursey already ahve Forest Friday’s and we would like to do something like this too.

The Able Writer’s Group started researching on Eco issues to write an article for the New Leaf News magazine. We hope to get published if it is good enough! How cool would that be?

Jessica and Jen came into school today. THey worked with P2-P7 doing lots of paper activities. P6/7 made paper! The teachers and all of us thought it was great fun and really messy!

Mrs Cully, Mrs McLaren and Mr Cloherty had a meeting today to jointly apply for funding for Outdoor Clothing. We want to have 2 hours of gym every week and we might need to go outside to make sure this happens. Theclothing would be great for health and Eco. Mrs Cully told us to keep our fingers crossed.

We had a whole school Litter Assembly today. We officially revealed the new bins and the cool character on the bins. We even had an opening ceremony with ribbons and 2 pupils cut the ribbon. It was good fun. Blue is for recyling and green is for litter.

Jen Barrett came to school to interview a selection of pupils on their litter and recycling knowledge before starting our Zero Waste Scotland Project.
All this week a group of pupils took part in our litter and recycling pre-survey. We discovered we are quite good at recycling but not good enough. Some people are not sure about what can be recycled.
We had a race with the snails in our Eco meeting today. Gary won again. He has grown 0.4cm and is now 2.4cm long! We think Jane in the kitchen is spoiling him with all our left over lettuce and cucumber.

We had a whole school assembly with Michelle Miller Allen who told us all about Green Dog Walkers and how we can help support this. We also invited Jessica/Litter Strategy Education Officer to talk about litter issues.

We took down the Eco display and posters from our very first whole school assembly and added these to our Floor planner. We split into groups and began to read the Environmental Review from the Eco-Schools website. We liked the one with the pictures the best.

The janitors, cleaning manager and catering manager met with Jessica/Waste Officer to talk about the Zero Waste Scotland Project.

7.11.12 We talked about what ECo means to us and together we put pictures on the whiteboard.

We had a visit from Margaret at Forth Environment Link. She worked with us to help us plan our orchard.
We took soil samples. We dug a whole and filled it with water to check drainage. We used feather and ribbons to check wind direction.

We ordered our trees. We chose Stirling Castle, Bloody Ploughman, Cultler Grieve, Hoods Supreme, Sunset, Beth and Belle de Louvain. We have a mix of apples, pears and plums. We ordered 9 trees, 1 for each class and 2 for the nursery.
Today we had apple and pear templates. We thought of the names of the fruit and tried to design a picture on the fruit to match the name. We put these on our Eco wall to advertise the types of trees we had ordered and help get everyone excited about the orchard.We started work on designing our Eco floorbook cover.

Mrs Cully and Miss McCarter (Nursey)are taking part in an Outdoor Learning Research Project with Sarah McQuarry from Perth University. Sarah arranged for the school to have a day visit from Kate at Mindstretchers. Kate worked with P4-7. We learned all about fire safety and how to safely start a fire. Miss McNally was the only teacher who could start the fire with flint. We then took a look at natural art and got some good ideas for Eco Art.

We have been accepted for the Zero Waste Scotland project and Miss Marshall has entered us into a Greatest Greenspace 2012 competition for our orchard work with Central Scotland Forest Trust.We looket at the Eco-School website to find out more about School Ground and Health which are the other two topics we have chosen along with Litter.We registered with www.jointhepod.org and will look at this again later.

Miss Marshall from the nursery and Mrs Cully went to an orchard training session at the weekend. Mrs Cully told us all about it. We went out to have a look at where we wanted to plant our orchard and where we could plant our orchard.

We joined the Morrison’s Let’s Grow programme.

We found out that we have been accepted on the Forth Environment Link Orchard Project. We started to research Scottish varities of fruit trees we could plant and which types of fruit we wanted to grow.

Our first school pets. We have 2 gaint African land snails but they are about 1/2 cm long! We hope they will grow with our school.
We ran a whole school competition to name the snails. They are now officially Gary and Sophie.

We looked at all the ideas and made a display on the Eco wall of all 10 topics and all our ideas. We want to start on Litter and recycling first as we are a new school and need to get this right! We have started recycling and applied to be part of a Zero Waste Scotland project.

Whole school assembly. We set up 10 stations, one for each of the ten Eco-School topics. We then moved round each station sharing ideas on how we should take forward these topics.

22.8.12 School Open
Recycling bins in place and eco assembly booked into first term.

Summer 2012 -In advance of opening. Registered with British Schools Council online. Applied for Orchard funding. Discussed composting and recycling facilities for school with Waste Officer/ Jen Barrett. Made links with Michelle Miller-Allen re Community Green Initiative and green Dog Walkers.

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