You can download an application for a nursery place  here.

Nursery Opening Times:

Morning session: 9.00am – 11.30am

Afternoon session: 12.45pm – 3.15pm


June 21st

The nursery uniform can now also be ordered on- line at

June 11th

The nusery uniform can now be ordered.  Click on the  text below to download the order form.


Completed forms can be handed into Kinnaird Primary School.  Please enclose the order form and your cheque or correct money into a sealed envelope.  Trutex will also set up  on-line ordering very soon.


May 28th

The poll has now closed; thank you for voting. The nursery uniform will be:

  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts in a choice of jade and purple

  • The logo will be the children.

  • The text will be St Bernadette’s Nursery Class

Order forms will be available soon.


You have indicated that you would like to get the nursery uniform set up as soon as possible. 

Please vote below for you choice of colour and logo.  We can use the top two colors so that children have two colour options.

Trutex will then provide t-shirts and/or sweatshirts that parents can order.

In order to get this completed before the end of term I will close this poll on: Friday 25th May.  Please encourage everyone to vote.





Nursery Places

If you have applied for a nursery place you will soon receive a letter confirming the place; we have enough places for everyone who has applied.

I cannot yet confirm if the places will be morning or afternoon; I will do this as soon as I can.

A parent asked at the recent meeting if pre-school children would be given preference for the morning places.  I have checked this out with the authority policy and I am required to  allocate a mix of pre-school and anti pre-school places over both sessions.

Cathy Quinn – 2/4/12


St Bernadette’s Primary will have a non-denominational nursey class for 20 children in the morning session and 20 children in the afternoon session.

It is a really well planed area and will have an excellent outdoor space.

Nursery application can be obtained from any school; they can be returned to St Francis Xaviers Primary and I will collect them from there.

24 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Hi
    The nursery newsletter states monday 7th June for trip to safari park – think I’m correct to say there is no Monday 7th in June?

    • Hi Stuart,

      Apologies this is a typing error. The trip is on Friday 7th June 2013.

      John Cloherty

  2. Hi, my child is currently in a private nursery, so I’m unsure how your places work. What times do the morning and afternoon sessions run and can she have two session in one day?

    • Hi Laura,

      Unfortunately you cannot have 2 sessions in one day, only a morning or afternoon session. If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01324 503400.

      John Cloherty

  3. I was told that I could download an application form from your website can you tell me where I can get this. Also I was advised that your January intake was full at the moment but you may be increasing the numbers, what would be the chances of this happening?

  4. Hi i would like to know how i can find out about getting my daughter into the nursery….if you have any spaces available thanks

    • Hi Kerry,
      If you give us a call on 01324 503400 we can explain how you can apply for a nursery place.


  5. Hi Cathy
    I posted my youngest daughters nursery application to St Bernadettes, can you confirm if you have received it. Her name is Ana Sofia Wilson.

    Many Thanks

  6. I would like to make an appointment when suits to bring my son up to see the nursery how do I go about doin this?

    • Hi Laura,
      I will post on the home page when we can allow parents and children in for a look around. This is not likely to be before week beginning 6th August as the buildres are still working in the building. I will then post specific days and times when parents can bring the children in for a quick look around.


  7. Hi my husband handed in a nursery uniform order with £40.05 in cash for my son Dylan Donaghy. A week later I received a letter from the school confirming Dylan’s nursery start date and enclosing a uniform order form. Can you please confirm you received my order and cash which was handed in to Kinnaird on the deadline date given online.

    Thank you

    • Hi Michelle,
      I will check this out for you but I am sure it will have been fine; we were automatically putting a uniform order in with all nursery offers.


  8. Hi, I have completed the nursery application for my daughter for a placement starting in January, can you please advise where I should send in the application?

    • Hi Samantha,
      You can send your application to St Bernadette’s as soon as possible.


  9. Hi, I sent in an application for my son Nathan Milligan for nursery at the start of the year. I haven’t heard any reply, I’m just worrying the application has been misplaced as I heard the placements already out.
    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Natasha,
      I beleive you have contacted Mrs Savage and that you now have a PM place for Nathan. Please let me know if that is not the case.


    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for the quick reply. Yes Mrs Savage called me back today and let me know of Nathans placement. Thanks again.
      Ideally due to my husband and I both working shifts it would have been great for a morning placement, is there any avaliable or possilbly opening up in the near future?





    • Hi Natasha,
      There are no morning places at present. We have a few parents waiting for a change to morning when any places become available. We will add your name to this list.


  10. Can i just send apologies for not sending back the tear off slip to confirm i would like to take Louise Burkes Place at Nursery.I HAVE REQUESTED MON,THURS,AND FRIDAY MORNING. She attends private nursery on tuesday and wednesday when i am at work.
    Thank you Frances Burke

  11. Hi
    My wife and I sent in a nursery application form last year, we handed it into st Francis nursery to be passed to st Bernadette’s at the appropriate time. We haven’t heard anything lately and I’m concerned our form may have been misplaced? Can you confirm if you have received it? Our son’s name is Joshua Hunter.

    • Hi Stuart,
      I have checked and Joshua’s name is on the list. He has a place; I just can’t confirm if it will be a morning or afternoon place as yet.

      Hope this helps.


  12. I have already submitted a nursery application form for my son. Do you know when we are likely to hear if he indeed has a place as his current nursery are asking if he will be needing a place for August. I obviously don’t want to give up his current place until I know if he has a place at St Bernadettes.

    Many thanks

    • Hello – The letters offering places for August are sent out just before the Easter break.
      There shouldn’t be any problems getting a place for your soon. When I last checked there were enough
      places for all the children who had applied.
      Cathy Quinn

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