13th July

These are some picture of the Headteacher’s room and the P7 classroom.

17th June

Some more picture the architect sent to me.

Cycle Racks

Gym Hall


16th June

Some new picture taken this week.

The nursery toilets

Outside the classrooms

Mr Cloherty has promised to wash all the dishes in the staffroom!

31st May 

Some new picture taken this week.

17th May

Some new picture taken this week.

                                     This will be the main entrance to the school.

                                    These are solar panels on the gym roof.

                                                  Planters in the playground


Some new pictures taken on site today – Thursday 3rd May.   As you can see the builders are making very good progress!



PE hall and dining room – looks stunning!


Playground entrance to classrooms.



One of the classrooms.



The community room kitchen



This is the wonderful dining-room.  The wall between the hall and dining room can be opened and can accommodate 400 people.  Just think about the school shows we can have!

This is a view of the hall and dining room from outside.

The Primary 7 classroom

Believe it or not this is the playground; it is huge!  The football pitch is at the bottom of the playground.

This is the gym  hall and dinning room.


This will be the entrance from the plaground into the classrooms.





11 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I’m not at st.bernadettes but I remember the time kinnaird primary opened. I was in p3 and Mr cloherty was my sisters teacher. I hope you have fun Mr c!
    I laughed sooooo much when you mentioned Kyle minouge . i remember the song we made up in class.
    Whoever is your class is very lucky!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am having a great time at St Bernadette’s but I do of course miss everyone at Kinnaird too.

      Mr Cloherty

  2. i think it looks great even though I’m not at St Bernadettes i’m at st francis and i’m also erin mcguirks best friend
    good luck

    • Hi Sue,

      All the children, parents and staff absolutely agree with you! It is a lovely place to work and learn 🙂

      John Cloherty

    • I will echo John’s comments – we are very lucky!!!


  3. so far the school looks great I can’t wait till it opens and I can’t wait till the meeting when I get to meet my teacher.

    • Well Erin by now you will have met your teacher – how did you get on?

      Mrs Quinn:)

  4. It looks great my favourite picture is the one of the playground it looks huge. I can’t wait to play in it. I will be primary 7. I am so excited.

    • Hello again Isabella,
      The playground is looking great and the builders are planning to put some extra features into the playground for us.
      The whole school is really special; we are very lucky!
      See you soon.

      Mrs Quinn 🙂

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