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Thursday 21st June

Update on uniform orders

We have now sent-off all of the order form to Trutex and Border Embroideries.  If you have missed the order deadline don’t worry.  You can order the polo shirts, sweatshirts outerwear, gym kits and bags on-line at www.border-embroideries.co.uk

Special Orders

I have also ordered a selection of kilts, cardigans, jumpers, ties and badges so that we will have some stock in school for those who missed the order deadline.  As soon as this order arrives I will post a message on the blog.  Parents can then come and buy these items directly from the school.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about the uniform ordering.


Tuesday 22nd May

Your First Uniform Order

I have taken advice from trutex on how we should proceed with our first uniform order.  The kilts, jumpers and cardigans are special order and can take six to ten weeks to be delivered; they are on a separate order form.    To ensure we get your first orders delivered on time I have made the following arrangements.

You can download the forms below.  There are two order forms just click on the blue text.

Please complete both order forms and return these to Kinnaird Primary school office in a sealed envelope with your payment by cash or cheque – made payable to the school on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 6th June,
  • Thursday 7th June
  • Friday 8th June
  • Monday 11th June
  • Tuesday 12th June
  • Wednesday 13th June
  • Thursday 14th June

The completed orders will be delivered to St Bernadette’s during the Summer holidays.  I will telephone parents when their order arrives and these can be collected from the school.

Trutex will also set up an on-line service so that in future parents can then order throughout the year but the kilts and jumpers will always have to be ordered directly from the school.

Please pass on the message that the forms are here and ready for downloading.  I will also send some to St Francis Xavier’s so that parents can also collect them there.


Wednesday 16th May

I met with the representative from Trutex today to progress the school and nursery uniform.  He hopes to have a sample of the knitwear with the red stripe sent to me this week.

We have agreed that the best way forward for ordering the uniform in the first year would be by order form.  The kilts and knitwear will take a bit longer to produce so, to ensure you have them in time for the first day of term, we will:

  • Issue order forms complete with prices week beginning 28th May
  • Parents should complete their orders and return this with the payment before   14th June ( details of where to return the forms will be confirmed soon)
  • We will send all of the orders to Trutex
  • The uniforms will be delivered to the school during the Summer holidays
  • I will call parents to let them know when their order has arrived and can be collected
  • The school will order some additional stock of kilts, ties and jumpers
  • Trutex will also set up an on-line order service for us

Parents will be able to order the following items:


  • Kilts
  • Polo shirts (red and/or white complete with school logo)
  • Black with red stripe knited jumper with logo
  • Black with red stripe knited cardigan with logo
  • Black sweatshirts with logo
  • Black fleece lined waterproof jacket with logo
  • Tartan ties
  • Tartan scrunchies
  • School badge for blazers
  • Gym kit in a bag -includes t shirt with logo and black shorts
  • Infant and Junior backpacks complete with school logo


  • T-shirt with nursery logo
  • Sweatshirt with nursery logo


The school uniform will be as follows:


Tartan Kilt or Black skirt or trousers

White shirt with tartan tie (or)

White or red polo shirt

Black jumper (with red stripe) or sweatshirt


White shirt with tartan tie (or)

White or red polo shirt

Black jumper (with red stripe) or sweatshirt

Black trousers


There will also be the option to purchase jackets and badges for blazers.  The full list with sizes and prices will be available soon.


In this picture I have added the red stripe to give you an idea of how this would look.

This image shows the uniform with the red polo shirt option.

The school logo wil be on the jumper and sweatshirts.


A closer view of the tartan.

26 thoughts on “Uniform Page

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering if the Trutex shop will stock the uniform at any stage. I have four polo shirts that are too small for my child and wanted to see if they could be swapped for a bigger size. Does the school have any stock of uniforms to swap or can they be exchanged on the website. I have two red and two white age 6-7.
    Thanks, Antoinette

  2. hi i was trying to get gym kit and it came up with several colours , is it a red top and black shorts?

    • Hello Eva,
      It is black shorts and a choice of red or white t-shirt.

  3. Hi, are they uniforms in yet and what’s the number to contact the school? I have changed my number since handing in my sons enrolment form so I’m worried you’s try to contact me about his uniform. Also in the meeting you’s said about parents and kids being able to view the school. When will this be?

  4. We have the gym kit and polo shirt- really nice on and they seem good quality too! (The embroidered badge is just lovely!)
    Really looking forward to getting the full uniform and getting my son to try it on!
    What king of date will the uniforms be delivered to the school, do you know Cathy? I bet all the staff are getting quite hyped up about starting back!

    • Hi Esther,
      Really good to hear that the uniform is looking good. I don’t have a delivery date as yet.
      I have been in the school and it is almost complete. There is still some work going on in the main corrider but all the furniture has been delivered and resources are arriving daily. The teachers are all really keen to get into their classes but they have to wait until the workmen have gone.
      I will put a post on the blog as soon as the uniforms start to be delivered.


  5. Hello,

    Can you please confirm if you have the order for my kids uniform which was handed into Kinnaird by a friend on the 12th or 13th June. The cheque has not been cashed yet so I just want to be sure.



    • Hi Denise,
      I will ask Fiona to check we have your order. We are only banking the money tomorrow so your cheque wont be cashed yet.
      I will get back to you tomorrow.


    • Hi Mrs Quinn,

      Has Fiona had a chance to check if my order was included? Money still not came off my account and just want to check all k before the end of term.



    • Hello Denise,
      Sorry – I forgot to get back to you. Your order has been received and processed.


  6. Hi Cathy, I seem to have missed the deadline for ordering the school uniform, can you tell me what would be the step for me to order up. Many thanks
    Paula wilson

    • Hi Paula,
      Don’t worry you can order on-line; the link is in the powerpoint on the ‘latest news’ page. You can order everything except the ‘special orders’ on-line.
      The kilt, jumpers, cardigans and ties are ‘special orders’and these have been sent off. I have however placed an order for the school so that we will have some stock for those who missed the order deadline. I will put a post on the blog when our order arrives and you can come to the school and buy the items you need.
      Give me a call if you have any questions about this.



  7. I lost the uniform order page ,i tried to take print out,but only the parts printed on the page when printing.

    • Hello,
      I have emailed a copy directly to you.


  8. i noticed on the uniform order form there was no badge for blazers (or have i just missed it?!) Will these be available from trutex shop?

    • Hi Sarah,
      Trutex have missed this on the order form so I have arranged to buya stock of badges and we can sell them in the school. As soon as I have them I will post a message on the blog. They will be arriving in the Summer break but parents can pop in to get one.


    • Hi Jane,
      I have updated the uniform page with details on how and when you can order the uniform.

  9. Hi

    I see that the uniform for boys says black trousers. I thought that at the meeting we discussed grey trousers for boys instead? Is this still an option?

    • Hi Anne Maria,
      I was discussing this with some parents and with staff but we felt that if there were too many options then it would not look like a uniform. Happy to discuss this further at our next meeting.

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